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another side of Jewish Rockland

According to the press, the predominant story about Jewish Rockland is East Ramapo Schools.  Of course, there’s a lot more to being Jewish in Rockland than East Ramapo and a lot of it is good– very good.  Which is why the Rockland County Board of Rabbis and the Jewish Federation of Rockland created “Rockland & Jewish”, a social media campaign highlighting our Jewish lives in Rockland.  jTo see an article from the Jewish Standard on Rockland & Jewish, click here.  Or go to the Rockland & Jewish Facebook page by clicking here


Public Space Judaism

Great Chanukah oil tasting event at Fairway Market the other night with the help of Big Tent Judaism. If we want to connect with those outside our buildings, then we need to get outside our buildings. That’s the first step- establish the connection wherever you can find it.  Second step- foster it.  (and continue to foster over and over before even thinking of asking for money). For more info on Big Tent Judaism, go to

Jewish Federation of Rockland County's photo.